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Charging stations addresses:

Via Roma 13, Santa Margherita Ligure (GE),

Viale Andrea Doria, Santa Margherita Ligure (GE),

Piazza Mazzini, Santa Margherita Ligure (GE),

Via Sant'Anna, 58, Rapallo (Ge),

Via Aurelia Orientale 369, Rapallo (GE), Grand Hotel Bristol

Piazza Paolo da Novi, Genova (Ge),

Via Brigata Liguria, Genova (Ge),

Via Alessandro Volta, Genova (Ge),

Via Ettore Vernazza, Genova (Ge),

Piazza Marsala, Genova (Ge),

Via Magazzini Generali, snc, Genova (Ge),

Piazza Acquaverde, 2, Genova (Ge),

Via di Francia, Genova (Ge),

Via Antonio Pacinotti, Genova (Ge),

Fausto Coppi, Genova (Ge).


Charging station

Recharging the traction battery

Recharging the Twizi
Open flap 1, take out the entire charging cord 2 located in the storage compartment at the front of your vehicle, pulling it by the plug using reasonable force.

Recharging the Twizi
Plug in the end of the cord to the power supply (domestic plug socket, etc). When charging, the following information is displayed:

Recharging the Twizi
4 - This flashes to indicate that the traction battery is receiving energy;
5 - the completed charge percentage;
6 - indicates that the cord is attached to the power supply;
7 - indicates the amount of energy stored in the traction battery.
It is not necessary to wait: until you reach reserve levels in order to recharge your vehicle; for a full charge of the traction battery in order to use the vehicle.

At the end of charging unplug the cord from the power supply by pulling out the plug, reposition the cord 2 correctly in the front storage compartment. Close the flap 1.