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Rental Terms and Conditions

Alvics Srl (the “Company”) rents out to the Client the Renault Twizy 80 electromotive car (the “Car”) on the following terms and conditions:

1. Car Receipt and Return.

1.1. The Client gets the car for a short-term rent in the Company’s office located at: Santa Margherita Ligure, Via Roma 13 (or at any other place as pre-agreed with the Company’s official representative) after the documents are signed and the services (car rent and other) are paid. It should be understood that the Car receipt and return off the office is an additional service and shall be paid pursuant to the Company’s tariffs.
As a rule, the Client gets the car during normal business hours. Receipt of the Car outside the normal business hours is also an additional service and may be provided if pre-agreed with the Company’s official representative and shall be paid pursuant to the tariffs.
The Car rent period is from one day to 30 days. The Car rent may be prolonged but only if agreed with the Company in writing.
When concluding a rent agreement, the Client shall provide his/her ID card (for EU citizens) or a foreign passport for the citizens from any other country, a driver’s license and a bank card (credit or debit).
The Company accepts no bank card issued by American Express and Diners Club.

1.2. Upon receipt and prior to return of the Car, the Client shall give a timely notice of any internal or external defects or problems with the Car that are not included in the Company’s forms. Without such a notice, it is understood that the Client has got the Car in a very good running order pursuant to the forms signed by the Client. The Client shall return the Car in the same order, in which he/she got it, except for any normal wear, including tires, parts, documents and equipment package.
The Car shall be returned within normal business hours to the Company’s office, in which it was rented out or at any other place on the day and at the time set in the rent agreement or before, if this agreement is terminated ahead of time or if the Car is used in violation of any terms and conditions stipulated therein.
Pursuant to Article 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, the Company may terminate this agreement, if the Client violates any terms and conditions of the rent agreement.

1.3. The Company’s Car rent may be booked (or ordered) as follows:

  • On the Company’s website (;
  • Directly in the Company’s office;
  • Via any hotel guest service that takes part in the SMILE program. The list of hotels and service centers that take part in this program can be found on our Company’s website.

1.4. If you order a Car on the website, you get a confirmation of your order by e-mail, which serves as a guarantee that the Car is booked for you.
You may manage your booking directly on the Company’s website. In this case, we would like to notify you that the Car booking cancellation less than 48 hours before results in one-day rent rate payment pursuant to the tariffs.
The Car rent price in case of cancellation will be returned by us within 3 business days.

1.5. If you order a Car via your hotel service or via some other service centers indicated on our website in the SMILE Section, please make sure that they (service centers) received from us the booking confirmation and please ask for the time and venue of the Car receipt.

1.6. Payment under the rent agreement shall be made with bank cards both on the Company’s website and directly to the Company’s official representative (in the office or at any other agreed place). Cash payment shall be possible only within the amount (maximum EUR 1,000) contemplated by the Italian laws. In case of an advance booking, it is possible to make a wire payment.
The Company does not accept bank cards issued by American Express and Diners Club.
When you receive the Car, a deposit of EUR 200 is blocked on your bank card account. The deposit is required to the Company to cover any possible damage arising out of your rent of the Car.
If you return the Car on time and in good running order, the deposit will be unblocked by us within 3 business days.

1.7. The Company may not be responsible for any damage arising out of the Client’s refusal to upkeep the Car in good running order and drive it with reasonable care, and the Company reserves the right to bring in an indictment to the Client in inflicting damage on the Company, if any. Damage shall be reimbursed to the Company by debiting cash funds from his/her credit card without notice.


2. Who May Drive a Car

2.1. The Car may be driven by the Client who signed the rent agreement with the Company. Any other person may drive the Car only with written consent of the Company provided that an additional payment is made.

2.2. In any case, the Car may be driven by persons aged 18 and older who have the B1 or B driver’s licenses.

2.3. Moreover, the Car shall not be driven by a drug- or alcohol-impaired person.

Finally, the Car shall not be used:
(a) For transportation of any smuggled goods, explosives, contaminators or for any other purposes in violation of the laws or instructions;
(b) For transportation of passengers or goods for a fee;
(c) For another car towing or trailing;
(d) For competitions of whatever kind, whether sport or not;
(e) For driving drills;
(g) For any other purposes in violation of the laws or instructions.


3. The Client shall pay and/or indemnify to the Company to the following extents confirmed with the invoices:

3.1. Late rent charge. If the Car is returned with more than 29-minute delay, the Company shall be entitled to include the next day of rent in the invoice.

3.2. Any additional fee will be also charged if the Car is returned at any location other than the place of rent unless it is agreed upon conclusion of the rent agreement.

3.3. Any penalties charged to the Client and/or to the Company for any violation of the Road Code and/or violation of any other applicable instructions during rent.
The Client shall bear direct responsibility for any penalties imposed by the Authorities.
In case of the Car arrest through the Client’s fault, the Company shall charge on the Client a daily fee for each day of the Car arrest.

3.4. Any expenses, including legal costs that the Company may incur to get any amount payable by the Client.

3.5. The Client recognizes the date and time indicated in the rent agreement for return of the Car and its keys to the Company’s office. Refusal to return the keys on the date and at the time agreed shall lead to a penalty payable by the Client to the Company in the amount of EUR 250 plus VAT of 22%.

3.6. In case of delay for any reason in payment of any amount due and of any invoice issued, the Client shall pay to the Company any accrued interest in the amount of 5 percentage points and at any time to the extent set by law.


4. The Client shall be deemed to be responsible for any damage to the Car. The Client shall be responsible for theft of the entire Car or its parts and any additional equipment. The Company reserves the right to bring in an indictment to the Client in case of the Car theft, if the Client is not able to prove that he/she acted with due care to avoid theft and that theft was made not for any reason attributable to the Client pursuant to Article 1588 of the Italian Civil Code.


5. All Cars of the Company shall have a R.C.A. insurance policy (civil responsibility) pursuant to the applicable laws. The R.C.A. insurance policy guarantees coverage of civil responsibility to third parties, animals and goods.


6. In case of a road accident, the Client shall protect the Company’s interest and its insurance company assuming the obligations, inter alia:
(a) To ask for the names and addresses of any persons involved in such a road accident, as well as the witnesses;
(b) To take all the possible measures to keep the Car safe, not to leave it without due protection and unsupervised;
(c) To give a direct notice of a road accident by the Company’s office telephone even if the damage is minor.


7. Keeping the Car manufacturer responsible for any defects and faults of the Car, the Company shall make a reasonable care to keep the Car in complete function. If the Car may have defects during rent, the Company shall not be deemed to be responsible in contract or in violation of any legal rights for losses of any nature incurred by the Client, directly or indirectly, due to the above defects and faults, if these events do not directly relate to the Company. The Company shall not be deemed to be responsible for any losses resulting from the Client’s refusal to operate the Car accurately. The Client shall contact the Company’s office for any repair required to the Car.


8. The Car rent agreement has been executed in accordance with the Italian laws. In case of any discrepancy between the Agreement signed prior to the Car rent in the Italian language and these rules, the Italian version of the Agreement shall prevail.

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